CHG - Tools - EWX
Four datasets in the same spatial bounding box are shown. Panning or zooming in one dataset syncs all four datasets to the same spatial bounds. Temporal navigation controls in the top toolbar facilitate stepping through time in all shown datasets in synchrony.

The Early Warning eXplorer (EWX) is a web-based single-page application for exploration of geospatial data related to drought monitoring and famine early warning. The EWX enables scientists, analysts and policymakers to view diverse datasets side-by- side in the same spatial bounding box, and to step through sequences of multiple time-series datasets simultaneously.

The EWX also allows users to view spatial summary statistics plots for particular polygons. Clicking on a polygon causes a corresponding plot to be displayed.

Here, the user has clicked on the polygon representing Katanga Province, DRC. A plot showing summary statistics for Katanga rainfall appears to the right of a rainfall dataset raster.