CHG - People - Seth Peterson
Seth Peterson
Associate Specialist
Office: 4720 Ellison Hall
Curriculum Vitae

Seth had always been into photography, and when he took the undergraduate remote sensing series at UCSB he found his calling: the study of the earth using satellite imagery. He got his Masters at SDSU studying post-fire chaparral regrowth using Landsat Data. He came back to UCSB for his phd, studying various factors affecting fire risk in California chaparral, using AVIRIS, Landsat, and MODIS data. With the skills acquired during his phd research he is branching out to study different ecosystems with different types of remotely sensed data. Currently he is working on a Land Surface Temperature (LST) project using imagery of the Santa Barbara area for the VIPER lab as well as seeking to develop a product that will provide global LST at 8km resolution for the Climate Hazards Group.