CHG - People - Laura Harrison
Laura Harrison
Climate-land Cover Interactions, Remote Sensing, Famine Early Warning
Office: 4720 Ellison Hall
Curriculum Vitae

Laura studies the impact of climate variability and change on the human-environment interface, with a focus on populations whose livelihoods are sensitive to climate shocks. Goals are to 1) improve scientific understanding of spatial-temporal patterns of climate and the land surface- and their interaction- and 2) assist with development of strategies that can improve regional food security at seasonal and multi-decadal timescales. Her current research involves statistical investigations into the sensitivity of biophysical systems to observed temperature variability and change. Some areas of focus are crop production systems in Mozambique and agro-pastoral systems in the Sahel.

In her free time Laura enjoys outdoor activities - backpacking, hiking, surfing, and cycling - she feels there is something very special about observing the physical environment firsthand.