CHIRPS Diagnostics
EWX Example Reality Checks

CHIRPS Reality-Checks is a human mediated quality control step performed just before we release CHIRPS final for a given month. Varions CHG folks take the time to look at the final CHIRPS especially with respect to available stations. One of the tiools we created to help this is the R-checks Stations field in our EWX tool. EWX R-checks Stations is a set of imagery we have prepared to examine the station data going into the CHIRPS data product. It is a data layer available through the UCSB EWX tool.

The r-checks can be used to identify erroneous station data as well as agreement between stations and the CHIRPS fields. We use it to confirm rainfall extremes and general station agreement with CHIRPS. These fields will be routinely produced so this can be used as an ongoing resource. A commentary of the results of each months reality checks is captured on our wiki page here.

11x11 boxes show the value of the station data superimposed on the CHIRPS.

Each box is coded by data source:

  • Diagonal line top-left to bottom-right source is Global Historical Climatology Network (CHCN) v2, monthly
  • Single pixel is Local Meteorological Service
  • Vertical line source is Global Telecommunication System (GTS)
  • Horizontal line is Global Summary of the Day (GSOD)
  • Diagonal line top-right to bottom-left source is Global Historical Climatology Network (CHCN), daily
  • "S" pattern is FAO SWALIM, Somalia
  • "L" pointing up is SASSCAL
  • "L" pointing down is Conagua (Mexiso)

Below we show a live link (Snippet) to the latest rchecks-stns for Ethiopia data and anomaly. You can zoom, pan and go back it tiem within the window shown.