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CHG's Mission

The CHG's mission is to improve the early detection and forecasting of hydroclimatic hazards related to food security, droughts and floods while empowering local decision makers with improved climate analysis tools and datasets, with the overarching goal of strengthening international disaster risk reduction efforts by advancing drought early warning science.

The CHG works closely with governmental institutions (especially the United States Geological Survey (USGS) International Program) to improve the scientific research, capacity building, and application components of the USAID-funded FEWS NET. The CHG team develops datasets and novel climate analyses, and combines them with geographic and humanitarian data to predict which areas will be most likely to endure drought or other food-limiting climatic events. In addition to a research team at UC Santa Barbara and their Department of Geography's strengths in statistical climatology, hydrology, GIS, remote sensing, and geostatistics, the CHG employs scientists stationed in Africa, Central America and Washingon, D.C. This enables them to quickly communicate new scientific developments and news of potential climate-related hazards, allowing countries abroad the ability to prepare for potentially devastating food shortages.