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The CHG Compute Environment

The Climate Hazards Group (CHG) maintains a growing and adaptable IT infrastructure to support the creation, maintenance, and quality assurance of several key datasets and web applications, as well as resources for research and climate analysis in-house.

The CHG has designed its IT environment to be modular, with regular backups across different buildings on campus, as well as extensive use of VMs and a separate server for user directories so workflow is minimally impacted during any required maintenance. The CHG maintains five Unix servers, supporting a dozen virtual machines, with resources including over 150 terabytes of disk space, 78 CPU cores, and nearly a terabyte of RAM. All data the CHG produces for public use has at least two independent copies maintained as backups. Our anonymous ftp site hosts over 2 terabytes of data and is visited by people daily from around the globe.

The CHG also serves as a data repository for our Nature Science Data publications. Our CHG Station Climatology Database (CSCD) is a Postgress 9.0 database. The data comes from over two dozen sources covering over 200 thousand stations resulting in over 1.25 billion daily observations over the past 100+ years. CHG continuously and automatically collects data from many sources to calculate and top off operational datasets for ourselves and other partners (EROS) including data used in EWX. The CHG also has access to UCSB super-computing facilities and NASA computing resources (through our collaborators at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center).

In addition to our Unix environment supporting data access, archiving, processing, backup, final product delivery, and web application services, members of the CHG staff also have their own personal computers and laptops to interface with the several computing environments at our disposal, to run local analyses, and for routine computing needs. Through UCSB, the CHG has access to licenses for ENVI/IDL, ArcGIS, SPSS, Matlab, JMP, and SPSS. The CHG also employs various Adobe Creative Suite applications as well as a number of open source products for scalability and cost effectiveness.